Participation is open to male and female military service veterans with qualifying disabilities such as spinal cord injuries, orthopedic amputation, visual impairments, traumatic brain injuries, head injuries, certain neurological problems, and other disabilities. Veterans who currently have inpatient or outpatient status at a VA Medical facility will have first priority. All disabilities are subject to review by the Winter Sports Clinic medical director and program director. Their decisions are final.

Here are a few examples of common diagnoses that do not usually qualify for the clinic:

Low back pain (even if they’ve had surgery), fibromyalgia, degenerative joint disease/osteoarthritis and chronic pain. Degree service-connectedness, whether in general or specifically related to an injury, does not influence qualification for the clinic. If you have any specific questions about whether or not a disability may qualify a participant for the clinic please contact Teresa Parks directly.

Note for visually impaired participants:

All visually impaired/blind participants are expected to possess good mobility and independent living skills. You will be expected to join in all scheduled events. Many visually impaired/blind veterans have participated in past winter sports clinics – their testimony to its success and benefits are well known. We look forward to having you as a participant, experiencing the unique and exciting challenges of this special event.

Medical Care:

Each participant must have a physician complete and sign the General Medical/Physical Exam form. If the General Medical/Physical Exam form is not filled out completely and properly signed, your registration will not be accepted and will be sent back to you. In addition to the General Medical/Physical application forms you will need to include a current medications list, your medical history (VA refers to this as your problem list) and for anyone 40 years of age and older a copy of a current EKG strip.