Erick Castro

The 2004 DAV Freedom Award was presented to Erick Castro, a service-connected disabled U.S. Army veteran whose leg was severed by a rocket propelled grenade when his unit was ambushed near Fallujah, Iraq in August 2003.

Erick is from Santa Ana, California and was among more than 20 U.S. veterans disabled in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan who were hosted at the clinic in 2004. He is a life member of DAV Chapter 56 in California.

Reflecting the attitude of disabled veterans who attend the clinic for the first time, Erick said, “I’m really glad to have something like the Winter Sports Clinic to test us. The atmosphere is so positive that it’s hard not to be motivated and excited about participating.”

The motivation and determination Erick and other participants display at the clinic is inspirational to all who witness their achievements – their “Miracles on a Mountainside.”

Each accepts the challenge to conquer the mountain. As they do so, they climb above the limitations that once bound them and plat their standard on new peaks of achievement for all to witness.