Freedom Award Recipients

The sense of accomplishment and celebration of ability embodied by disabled veterans at the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic is epitomized by the recipient of the DAV Freedom Award.

The Freedom Award is the preeminent honor for participants.

Every year, one participant is chosen for The Disabled American Veterans Freedom Award for Outstanding Courage and Achievement. This award is given to the Veteran whose bravery sets an example for all participating heroes. It recognizes the Veteran who takes a giant step forward in the rehabilitation process and whose attitude embodies the spirit of the event.

The 2016 DAV Freedom Award was presented to Mariela Meylan.

2015 – Alan Babin

2014 – Patrick Zeigler

2013 – Kristian Cedeño

2012 – Jarod Behee

2011 – Mark Brogan

2010 – John Barnes

2009 – Portray Woods

2008 – Centra Mazyck

2007 – Jason Poole

2006 – Joseph Bozik

2005 – Oscar Olguin

2004 – Erick Castro